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Welcome and thank you for reading this blog. Maybe you’ve landed here via our website, or maybe you follow one of our socials. It doesn't really matter that much; because the most important thing is that you are curious about our story

First of all, let’s tell you a bit more about UpToDoGood and what we do. UpToDoGood is a movement with the mission to make the world more beautiful, fairer and more sustainable. In short; doing good!

We do this by selling products in our airport store and online shop that are well made and do good in every way you look at them. With the proceeds from the sales, we support charities such as Human Rights Watch, De Voedselbank, Onetreeplanted, Klabu and many more great initiatives. In addition, we draw attention to all kinds of good initiatives on our socials, website and in the store. We have impactful exhibitions in store that change on a regular basis.

We would like to continue to inform you about the state of affairs in the world, while at the same time give you a good feeling and draw your attention to beautiful products that are also really beautifully made. What counts for us is that every small change in our daily lives can make a lot of change. That’s why our mission is to generate impact to make the world more beautiful, fairer and more sustainable.

On this blog, all our team members will highlight a goal to which they feel a high degree of involvement. This week, Shirley de Groot our store manager tells her story.

Shirley speaking
I'm Shirley and the store manager of UpToDoGood. Sustainability is my great interest. Like many, I can be concerned about how the climate problem is going to change our lives. But in addition, I also know that there are millions of motivated people walking around on our planet, who are work hard to find solutions. A promising and sustainable perspective!

At UTDG we are working intensively on this: sustainability. A word we see and hear more and more. So often that it seems like society has accepted it as a mantra. At home at the dinner table, on the train on the way to work, not to mention news apps… In short, the world is under the spell of sustainability.

Sustainability is a broad concept (read: immense). The UN hasn’t created the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for nothing.

I regularly worry about climate change. The earth has always known warmer and colder periods, but the conditions in which we are living now is different due to the great influence of human actions. The way in which we now deal with the combustion of fossil fuels means that we are faced with harmful CO2 emissions. We can only limit the rise in temperature if we reduce this thoroughly.

I realize that climate change is not a problem of the future. Global warming is already causing damage to ecosystems and causing casualties. Glaciers are melting, polar ice is disappearing, many plant and animal species are under threat, sea levels are rising, coral reefs are bleaching and severe droughts are causing hunger and war.

During this year National Climate Week, which takes place from October 28 to November 5, everything at UpToDoGood will be dedicated to climate change, and the charity that we will support that week is Sandbag. Besides Sandbag, there are many good initiatives that are engaged in positively influencing the climate by reducing CO2 emissions. I found these charities:
- Cool Earth ( Cool Earth fights climate change by protecting rainforests by providing local communities with money. This way it is no longer necessary for them to sell their forest areas in order to support themselves.
- Sierra Club ( Sierra Club is involved in shutting down coal plants.
- Sandbag ( Sandbag is actually the anti-drug police force of the European CO2 emissions trade. They buy emission rights and then destroy them. They do this for about € 5.00 per ton. But they do more. They also try to keep the number of allowances that the EU sells' as low as possible.

We hope that during Climate Week you will help us support these organizations with financial resources and (even) more awareness.

Do good; With your purchase you give back to nature and society

We look forward to providing you with interesting and above all beautiful posts. Do you have any questions, tips or other comments? Send them to

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