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I used to visit restaurant, went to concerts and festivals. Drank my coffee on a terrace. Now we are forced to discover new ways to entertain ourselves. Everything in my wardrobe is neatly folded, my house is clean and my pictures (of the good old days where we went on holiday) are in a scrapbook. I see the autumn leaves in the streets and feel a bit down.

When I invite (two friends) in my house we have nothing to talk about, because nothing is happening. I heard myself telling this story to my friend: “I was working at home and looking outside, then a woman passed my house… a bit later a car… awkward silence….Then my friend asks me “was she wearing a red raincoat perhaps? I might have seen her too”. Well do I need to sat anything else…?


A drink solves a lot, looking at pictures too. An slide show in the evening respecting 1,5 meter, A desire to dance with a group of people, eating out with 15 friends, having fun and stupid discussions whether internet trolls fall within the scope of freedom of speech. But when a door closed, a window opens. The past couple of weeks I tested some new forms of entertainment and I have to say, quite successful. So maybe the tips from Tonnie can inspire you:

More humor during zoom meetings

I noticed that people miss the humor in the office with colleagues. Making jokes in a digital environment is for sure difficult, but I tried some things recently and it caused some good laughs. So what you could to to spice things up:

  • Eat a bag of nuts in the heas sets of your fellow zoomers
  • Use virtual backgrounds (modsy has nice ones). Personally I am a fan of the Enterprise of Startrek. If you want to go all the way, you can close the meeting with the famous words of Mr Spock “live long and prosper
  • Place a funny hat on your head and pretend is an AR filter that you cannot seem to undo.

Gardening (also for small gardens)

  • What very rewarding and fun to do is cleaning the green moss between the tiles in the garden. At first I did not like it that much but after the 3rd tile I went for it like a maniac. Instant satisfaction, love it!
  • If you want to keep clean hands and nails, you can consider to make a gardening calender with chores for every month that you theoretically (!) could do.

Skip Netflix but start playing games or make a jigsaw

I love playing games, so for years I am the unbeaten champignon in 4 in a row, Jenga and domino (although my mom is also a pretty strong player). I love the competition in games, I always join the game singing the song “the winner takes it all. That is nice for my fellow players. Jigsaws miss the element of competition so it did not seem to entertaining to me. But then I discovered the “NK puzzelen” (the Dutch championship). You need to make a jigsaw (1000 pieces) as fast as you can. The record in 2017 was 1 hour and 28 minutes, but now we look at 1 hour, 8 minutes and 35 seconds. Yes, now I like it, the challenge…

Maybe the above can help brighten up the autumn days, because staying under a blanket wearing a face mask is not the solution.

Lets do good!


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