Face mask fashion

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Apparently a lot of people in Japan wear facemasks. And not just because of Covid-19, but on a permanent basis. Because they consider it a nice fashion accessory, or were too lazy to put on make-up in the morning, or because they want other people to keep their distance. It seems they also find it a very good alternative for a scarf. Super effective all in all. Will the same thing happen here? Will we become so attached to our facemask, that we will still be wearing it even after everyone is vaccinated?

The facemask was first used on a large scale during the Spanish flu and even then some people knew how to use this item as a beautiful fashion accessory.

Mondkap Fashion

Can a facemask become a beautiful fashion accessory? Facemasks and I are not a match made in heaven. Unfortunately my head is very small, which means that most facemasks look more like ski masks. This is very much a problem when I look down. Every time I do this (for example when I need to use my security code in a store) my facemask moves upwards into my eyes, causing the bottom to move into my mouth. Leaving me with tears in my eyes and lost for breath. A facemask that fits well thus is essential. But also one that suits you and makes you a bit more beautiful.

You can find a lot of nice examples on the catwalk. This colorful one on the left for example. Even by night in a dark alley you will be very visible. The bright orange colors in combination with the spread out can of yellow paint head, strengthens this facemasks happy look. Moreover, the bright color combination will prepare you for any event.

Face Mask Fashion

The mask on the right will make you extra mysterious. Even your friends won’t recognize you and the net will give your face a warm glow. Adding a filter will prove more difficult and you might question how effective this mask is when somebody will cough directly in your face, but that is of course not your first priority.

If you do prefer safety, it would be better to go for this gothic look. Nice and anonymous and super compatible with a large filter. Easy to hide in the black enlarged snout. The red suction pads on top provide a cheery colorful twist. Combined with the red spider web treads, this facemask radiates an appealing super hero/last person on earth feeling. And more than enough tools for every emergency situation. Highly recommended.

Face Mask Fashion

If you are more in the festive mood, this combination outfit and facemask is ideal. With polka dots you can never go wrong and this dress, facemask, eyepad and hat in-one seems a sure hit at every party. If you wear glasses or have a bad left eye, don’t do this. And the hat will not work in the rain, but for any other occasion, this will be a top choice.

Face Mask Fashion

But what to do on a daily basis? UP TO DO GOOD asked Carole Baijings to design a facemask and of course she came up with something super nice: ‘My Mask’. Even for my small peanut head this facemask works, because it is available in three sizes. And it makes you look more beautiful. Carole designed a color for every skin type. She included everyone. And the facemask is completely fair trade. Made with sustainable materials. And the bonus: through my many months of experience removing facemasks from my mouth, I know that a nice smelling facemask is also essential. Carole developed two sprays with the facemask which are anti-viral and smell really great: ‘My Mask Mist’.

All in all a top product!




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