Threat of starvation looms in East Africa

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A disaster of unprecedented proportions is threatening East Africa at the moment.

With the worst drought in forty years and the sharp rise in food prices, the lives of at least 28 million people are in immediate danger.

In countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Somalia, crops are failing, livestock is dying and many young children are structurally malnourished. Acute famine threatens millions of people.

The consequences of the war in Ukraine further increase the food crisis in severity and scope. In parts of countries such as Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and Somalia, many families have been forced to leave their homes in the search for food, water, and pasture for herd animals.

Food security is mostly bogged down by ever-rising food prices, water scarcity, and livestock losses. Food already became more expensive during the corona pandemic, but food prices are now rising even further due to the war in Ukraine. East African countries import about 90 percent of their wheat from Russia and Ukraine, but there is less and less of that due to the war. These exporting countries supply it to other countries first, simply because they pay more. It is an unfair situation on all sides.

The numbers: by June of this year, an estimated 6 million people, 38 percent of Somalia's total population, will be in the midst of a crisis. 81,000 people will be forced to survive in catastrophic living conditions. These are numbers that make one bleak. We are up to do good and this month we are donating our proceeds to causes with a focus on this crisis.

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