Kinfill is a Dutch brand that actually offers a solution to sustainably clean your home. Did you know that more than 90 percent of our cleaning products consist of water? All that water needs to be transported, packed and merchandised. Kinfill has designed its wonderful cleaning products in such a way that you will always keep the bottle and add water to the cleaning product at home. So twice as good: with a quality cleaning product of Kinfill,  you do not only buy a sustainable product, but you support the Up To Do Good charities at the same time!

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Kinfill Full House Collection

Kinfill Full House Collection

Price €59.95
FREE TOTE BAG*Kinfill's ultimate assortment for a spotless, sparkling, and clean domestic landscape. The Full House Collection includes four...
Kinfill Scented Object
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Kinfill Scented Object

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Use this beautiful ceramic ornament as a pendant for your Christmas tree or decorate the cupboard or toilet with this object. Enrich the space with...

Sad paradox

It's a sad paradox: the cleaning business is a dirty business. We all know that most ingredients used in cleaning products are harmful to our planet and ourselves. But maybe you don't know that more than 90 percent of the volume of a bottle of standard cleaning product consists of water. It creates the illussion of value, but all this water needs to be transported, packed and merchandised.  

Luckily, people are more and more focussed on not buying single-use plastic waterbottles for drinking. With Kinfill, we can do the same for our cleaning products.  

Beautiful cleaning products

Kinfill developed its beautiful cleaning products in such a way that they do not contain plastic for single use or other harmful ingredients. Supplied in their purest form, these 100% biodegradable concentrates are formulated for you to dilute at home using tap water and the long-lasting bottle of Italian glass.

By using Kinfill products, you contribute to the eradication of plastic pollution with minimal effort, maximum joy, and in the comfort of your home.

Forever bottle

The 100% biodegradable Kinfill extracts are made to dilute at home with tap water in the Forever Bottle of Italian glass. This design bottle is long-lasting and a real eyecatcher in your home. Kinfill offers four different types of cleaning products, each for a different surface. All with their own scent that makes the house smell wonderful and all of them are made of powerful ecological products in their purest form. No water, no chlorides, no chemical fillers. And no single-use plastic! 

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