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Sustainable hand soap

Up To Do Good Lush Liquid Soap

Price €12.95
DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. This soft nourishing liquid soap from the Up To Do Good brand, comes in a nice sustainable bottle and contains...
HAAN Toothpaste Good on Ya

HAAN Toothpaste Good on Ya

Price €6.90
A fresh and soothing combination inspired by Australian fields, this free of parabens toothpaste is here to keep your smile as white as ever. Our...
HAAN Hand Toothpaste Apple a Day

HAAN Toothpaste Apple a Day

Price €6.90
A fresh and soothing combination inspired by Australian fields, this free of parabens toothpaste is here to keep your smile as white as ever. Our...
Toothpaste Life's a Beach

HAAN Toothpaste Life's a Beach

Price €6.90
A fresh and soothing combination inspired by Australian fields, this free of parabens toothpaste is here to keep your smile as white as ever. Our...
HAAN Hand soap Sunset Fleur

HAAN Hand Soap Sunset Fleur

Price €11.90
Get your hands perfectly clean without any sign of dryness with our Sunset Fleur Hand Soap. A gentle mix between a floral scent and a premium gel...

Marie-Stella-Maris Lipbalm 12ml

Price €12.00
Lip balm 12 ml The lip balm is 100% natural. Minty, with shea butter, jojoba, almond and castor oil. Protects, repairs and moisturises. For silky...

HAAN Handcream Fig Fizz

Price €8.90
Your favorite moisturising cream, made with 96% natural ingredients for brighter and softer hands, is also refillable! Extend x3 your hand cream's...

Taking good care of your skin is an important part of your daily routine. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and therefore deserves some attention. When you use the right skin care products, you not only ensure a more beautiful skin, but also maximum protection against heat, cold, rain and sun.

Kind to our planet and our skin

Every skin is different and therefore every skin needs specific care. So take a good look at your own skin type and choose the right care products. The effect of care products is specifically tailored to the different skin needs. To help you, you will find an extensive range of beauty and care products at Up To Do Good. In our range you will find skin care from all well-known brands such as Dr. Hauschka, Stop the water while using me, Botma & van Bennekom and our own brand Up To Do Good. Many people have no idea what exactly is in a deodorant, face cream, or cleanser. That is quite strange, because of everything you put on your skin, 60% ends up in your blood. Fortunately, there are now many beautiful, fine and sustainable products that are a lot better for you and the earth. That is why Up To Do Good only sells sustainable products that are just as kind to our planet as they are to our skin.

Fair products

You can come to us for facial cleansing and facial care as well as body care, hair care and oral care. When you choose optimal skin care, you choose products that cleanse, moisturize, nourish, strengthen and care for your skin. The products ensure that your skin remains supple, recovers quickly and remains young, radiant and healthy for as long as possible. From nourishing face creams, body milk and cleansing lotions to body spray, serum, organic shampoo and soap, they are all available in various pleasant scents. All products that make you beautiful, both outside and inside. Because all care products that Up To Do Good sells are sustainably produced and are palm oil-free. In short: fair products, made from 100% natural ingredients. Do you suffer from dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, pores, blemishes or redness? By using the right products, you can get rid of that in no time. For example, do you have a dry, sensitive skin? Then choose the Rose Cream Light from Dr. Hauschka. This day cream balances your skin and offers your sensitive skin the protection it needs. Rather oily skin? Then buy the Clarifying Toner from Dr. Hauschka, which is specially designed for impure, oily and combination skin with coarse pores.

Pamper yourself

In addition to facial care products, you can also come to us for wonderfully smelling organic soaps, durable toothbrushes and disinfecting handles. With the HAAN Hand Sanitizers you can clean your hands quickly and sustainably without water. Or spoil yourself with a delicious natural soap from Botma & Van Bennekom. These soaps are handmade and contain only organic ingredients. You will not get a fairer product and they all smell really good. Oat soap, ginger and cinnamon, pine and cedar or lavender: which scent are you going for? The soaps are great for daily use, but also very nice to give to someone as a present. All products we sell are made well and environmentally conscious, of high quality, with a special story and almost all of them support great causes themselves. For example, the Stop the water while using me products are not only good for people, but also for the environment and the water cycle. They make 100% biodegradable natural cosmetics, based on natural extracts and oils. In addition, Stop the water while using me donates part of the proceeds to water conservation projects.

Sustainability goals

And that's not all, because Up To Do Good itself also donates part of the proceeds from our concept store and web store to selected charities. To this end, the creators of Up To Do Good were inspired by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations from 2015, from zero hunger and poverty to equality and clean oceans. At Up To Do Good we hope to contribute to this with your help. Together we make a bigger impact. At Up To Do Good you can shop online for the best and gentlest cleansers, creams, masks and serums. And much more! Order your favorite items and have them delivered to your home quickly and easily. Or visit the shop at Schiphol Plaza in Amsterdam. We are up to do some good! Are you with us?

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