HAAN is a Spanish company that is eager to change the world. With the revenues of their sustainable hand sanitizers and handcreams they support water projects in Africa. So twice as good: with your purchase of a sustainable HAAN product, you support water projects in Africa and the Up To Do Good charities at the same time!

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HAAN Hand Cream

HAAN Hand Cream

Price €8.95
With the Hand Cream from HAAN you can take care of your hands in a natural way. Inspired by creamy popsicles, this hand cream collection is packed...
Toothpaste Life's a Beach

HAAN Toothpaste Life's a Beach

Price €6.90
A fresh and soothing combination inspired by Australian fields, this free of parabens toothpaste is here to keep your smile as white as ever. Our...
HAAN Deodorant Morning Glory

HAAN Deodorant Morning Glory

Price €7.90
The smell of morning sunrises has inspired this Morning Glory Deodorant. Its formula is made of 93% natural ingredients and a prebiotic complex,...

Change the world

The two Spanish founders of HAAN are eager to change the world. Did you know that there are 785 million people who do not have access to potable water? And that a million people die every year from diseases related to polluted water? HAAN wants to do something about that. By designing and making care products that prevent water wastage, while supporting water projects in Africa with the proceeds from these products.

Sustainable care products

From a career in fashion to a care product is not such a big step for the founders of HAAN. Their products look super nice, but are also unique because they contain natural ingredients and are sustainable. The disinfectant hand spray does not contain triclosan and parabens, but the natural aloe vera instead. This ensures that your hands do not become dry, but remain well-groomed. And of course it also smells very good!

Trendy and affordable

All products have four properties in common: they are trendy, affordable and pleasant to use, easy to carry and as sustainable as possible. With the HAAN hand sanitizer you can clean your hands without water and at the same time this hand spray also has a nourishing effect. The Haanitizer ensures that 99.99% of all bacteria disappear like snow in the sun. The Haanitizer comes in a nice small package and has a handy size, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. The bottle contains 30 ml of soap with which you can clean your hands at least 100 times. And with the refill packaging you can refill the hand sanitizer up to 3 times!

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