Susan Bijl

Susan Bijl is a Dutch designer from Rotterdam who strives to reduce waste in a colourful way. With her, by now, iconic bags, she has made all plastic bags redundant. So twice as good: when you buy a great design bag from Susan Bijl with us, you not only purchase a sustainable bag, but you support the Up To Do Good charities at the same time!  

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Susan Bijl

Susan Bijl is a Dutch designer from Rotterdam who strives to reduce waste in a colourful way. Born a true minimalist, Susan is always looking to make her world more efficient. Getting rid of useless stuff around the house played a significant role in her life as a kid and still does in present-day life. Combined with a good sense of form and colour, this led to the idea of a bag that would make all plastic bags irrelevant.

In the local kite store, she discovered the advantages of ripstop nylon. Strong yet thin, lightweight and an almost paper hand feel and available in many surprising colours. Taking the classic shape of the plastic bag as a starting point, she shaped her design and made it even more functional by making the side creases deeper, adding volume. Finally, she added a diagonal stripe, ‘The Flash’ to be able to add a contrasting colour to her design. The New Shopping Bag was born!

What makes Susan Bijl bags so special is that they fold very compactly into a small size, making them easy to carry in another bag or pocket. This makes them ideal for travelling, shopping or a day out. 

Recycled bags

Susan Bijl's bags are made of recycled nylon, which means that the nylon used to produce the bags comes from recycled sources. This helps to reduce the use of new raw materials and contributes to a more sustainable future. 

Besides using recycled materials, Susan Bijl is also committed to reducing their carbon footprint. They believe that it is important to work towards a more sustainable future, which is why they strive to produce as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Do you want to buy sustainable bags?

Besides the bags we offer from Susan Bijl, we also have a large collection of other women's bags such as backpacks, clutches and crossbody bags

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