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It starts to feel like summer again, so great! The sun, drinks on a terrace and soon we can all go on holiday again. We close a period of seclusion and slowly our world opens up again. Usually, I am a rational person, but this Corona crisis left me with a very irrational form of germaphobia.

It started small and it was manageable, like most addictions. Just a tiny bottle with disinfect in my purse and every now and then I put a little bit on my hands. When I arrived at my house, just quickly washed my hands. Nothing crazy, just as Mark Rutte has instructed us to do. But the last days things are getting out of control. Where I started with a small flacon of 50 ml, I now carry a bottle of 500 ml on me, a smaller bottle of disinfectant is just not enough to get me through the day. When I exit my house, chop chop, disinfect my hands, my bike and to be completely sure, I extended my routine to the luggage carrier of my bike and also the pedals (you never know who sat on your bike during the night). After the disinfectant, I use anti-bacterial wipes. If I open the door of the car, chop chop disinfectant.


The activity that costs the most disinfectant by far is filling up the tank. Although I hold the fuel pump with a special wipe and of course I wear plastic gloves, just for safety, I put also loads of gel on my hands and the pump. Who knows, maybe a very ambitious germ walks around my wipe into my glove. Safety first I tell myself.

Pre Corona I bought the complete candy shelf, that is history now. You never know who touched the candy bags with their “Corona hands”. When I drive off, I clean the wheel, just to be safe.

Recently, I biked to work and at the red traffic light in one thoughtless moment I pressed with my index finger on the button...dear God, freaking out…..get off my bike, using my elbows to get the disinfectant in my purse. Removing the cap with the sharp part of the zipper of my boot and quickly put the gel on my hands and extra on my index finger. Thereafter with a special wipe cleaned my boot and with another wipe the wheel of my bike. As you can understand I was 15 minutes late for my appointment. How do you explain that?

I stopped wearing skirts or elegant peep toes, I need to protect myself. Thick Japanese denim and high boots save my life at the moment. Must say, it gets awfully warm sometimes.

Just to be sure, I also apply the 1,5 m distance with railings of stairs, needless to say that germs are all over the place on a railing. I red that 1,5 m is not even enough. The fanatic germs can fly up to 7 m, the show-offs!

At the moment I skip elevators, because I noticed that in confined spaces I am afraid to breathe. The other day I needed to be on the top floor, but after the 8th floor I felt so lightheaded so I had to hold on to something…and of course that is drama for me. Then you need to clean the elevator floor with the anti-bacterial wipes with a dizzy state of mind.

HAAN Hand Sanitizer

HAAN Hand Sanitizer

Nowadays I smell like a walking pine tree because of all the disinfect. And I haven’t even mentioned the skin of my hands. That feels like an old worn out rug. I wash my hands as instructed; ”wash your hands as if you just cut hot peppers and you now need to change your contacts” Understandably it takes 10 minutes per washing and 4 hands filled with liquid soap.

Of course I tried a mask, but to me it feels that the mask attracts the germs and they stick to the mask. That gives me a very uneasy feeling. One time I rinsed my mouth with the disinfectant after a trip in the train. It was so disgusting, so as a solution I not only carry gloves, wipes and 500 ml disinfectant, but also a small bottle of vodka. Vodka also helps to disinfect.

I hope that a vaccine is developed soon, so that I can wear my nice cross body bag again instead of my plump shopper (that permanently smells like a cupboard with cleaning products. I long for my peep toes and short skirts. I am also done with the vodka, I wish for teapots of chamomile tea.

Stay healthy!

D. Well

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