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To be honest, I don't even mind all of it; this whole Corona time. It’s actually nice and quiet. Little social pressure, and a lot of time to do what you want; sports, reading, or just doing absolutely nothing.

At first there was a feeling that life would go back to normal pretty quickly, and we didn’t had to be on top of the situation all the time. It doesn’t matter if I get up a little later. Everyone understands that everything is different now. It doesn't matter that the kids don't really get to their online class in time, they'll catch up later. And they should actually exercise, but they can't do that now. Super, I don't have to think about that either. No puzzling with schedules, consultation with other parents, not getting up ridiculously early on weekends to drive to a windy field and shivering while wondering how it is possible that the wind chill temperature in May is below zero. No children who are late for dinner (where are they even hanging out?).

Corona dip

No angry dentists and orthodontists calling where child number x is so (I told you so this morning and I even messaged and called again; well those adolescents, am I right?). I have to make sure that I put the new appointment in my calendar and then the whole thing starts all over. No tarps that need to be folded at the sports complex. No bar services, no classes at the gym, no mandatory business dinners, courses... Nothing. I love it.

Shopping is, for me, the only major downside of this whole situation. The nice part of shopping is no longer there. Whenever you’re going into a clothing store it feels like you're not supposed to be there. There is a bit of a gray mood; as if someone's died. Like something really bad happened and we're doing something that's actually not ok. Dancing at a funeral or something. Making jokes while people are dying. I shouldn’t be here. Yes, we are open, I hear the saleswoman think, but of course something is going on. We can't be super happy or anything. Okay, for as far as I'm concerned, that doesn't make it much of a fun thing to do anymore.

And then there’s the trip to the supermarket. I always kind of hated that, but if it all went fast and efficiently, it was a successful trip as far as I was concerned. And that is almost impossible now. The other day I was walking past the vegetable department when I thought a little too late that I needed a zucchini. I was already past it with my cart and that's a big problem now. Behind me, someone else immediately jumped in and had a long time worrying about which zucchini she would take. If there's one vegetable where I don't think it matters very much, it's zucchini, but that’s probably just me. She clearly didn't think the same way about it. And by the time she was finally ready, someone else was ready. I tried to leave my cart and quickly grab one behind my back, but then the zucchini lady couldn't get past it and she didn't like it. So I just grabbed my cart again, walked around the vegetable island and queued in line again. So it took me like 5 minutes to finally get a zucchini. And that makes me really cranky. That's not good at all and especially not nice towards the staff (who I already hear complaining about customers who are very rude to them in the store), so I feel guilty about that again and then I notice that I spent extra time walking around every stock boy with very spacious curves and they laugh back encouragingly.

One of the best tips I ever received in my life is from an old roommate (male): get in a line at the supermarket that is not necessarily the shortest line, but the one with the least elderly. It really works! But you can't do that now. They're everywhere. I now shop during the day and so do they. And because they are vulnerable, I hardly dare to walk past them either. So I wait endlessly to make sure the coast is completely clear and I can catch up. Not ideal.


Apart from the shopping, I actually like it. This period. Unique too. It’s possible we’ll never go through something like this again.

Dedicated Happiness T-shirt

Dedicated T-shirt Visby Happiness

So, only now I started to spiral in a little Corona dip, now that it's slowly getting back on track. The sports training starts again and they are also talking about exhibition games (why??). The indoor hockey tent must be folded up. The sports instructors will talk to the minister this week to open the gyms earlier than September 1. I've already been called by the dentist and the orthodontist. The hairdresser is open and next month I finally can go. Every day I get lists with instructions from all these people on how things are going in practice with that 1.5 m. There you have my Corona dip.

They say there might be a second Corona wave coming. I really don’t hope so because, apart from all the really bad things that can happen, I can already sense that a second Corona wave will also include a second Corona dip.

Greetings, Tonnie

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