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Jewelry from A Beautiful Story is handmade in a silver factory in Nepal. This collaboration ensures that the silversmiths can be continuously provided with work.

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Once upon a time, there was a small silver factory in a city called Kathmandu, the Nepali capital. That’s how the story of A Beautiful Story begins. In the year 2005, the factory employed twenty outstanding silver smiths, who created the most amazing jewelry. Dambar, the owner of the factory, was looking for more customers to buy his stunning products. More customers meant more sales, which in return would let him secure employment for the men under his care. This news travelled halfway around the globe, and reached Cathelijne Lania, the founder of A Beautiful Story, in The Netherlands.

A Beautiful Story wants to help make this world a little better. This is why they always consider the impact on the world of their decisions. Sometimes difficult choices need to be made. For example, the jewelry needs to be flown in. Not exactly environmentally friendly, but in this way the people in Nepal get a fair shot at learning a profession. They receive a fair salary, become financially independent and are able to support their families. The beads that are used are all certified and, where possible, recycled silver is used. The working conditions in the factory in Nepal are of course closely monitored.

The focus is on fair trade commerce: to create opportunities for producers in difficult economic circumstances. A Beautiful Story is a unique brand with a special story, but in the end, they also produce really lovely bracelets, necklaces and earrings that are available at Up To Do Good.

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