Tiny Miracles

Tiny Miracles was founded by Laurien Meuter to support several uneducated Indian communities to help them create a better future for themselves and their families with the salary they earned making the design products. So doube as good: with the purchase of a beautiful design vase by Tiny Miracles, you support these local Indian communities and the Up To Do Good charities at the same time!

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How did it all start?

Tiny Miracles literally started with picking up one child that lived on the streets in India to get her educated. Soon, founder Laurien Meuter realised that the solution was not just to send children to school, but that a mind shift needed to take place. Their parents needed hope and tools for a better future. That’s why in 2010 she started to work with two slum communities.

Co-operation with Pepe Heykoop

Since then, through trial and error, Tiny Miracles have designed a holistic approach focused on empowering people to change their life. Their focus areas are: awareness, education, healthcare, employment and happiness. It all starts with a base income. In order to accomplish this, Laurien reached out to her nephew Pepe Heykoop, who had just graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven. She asked him to design quality products for Tiny Miracles. These products had to provide work for the poor, illiterate communities.

Tiny Miracles vase

Pepe wanted to design products that would sell itself. Products that people want to buy because they like it, not just because of the story. After much head-scratching he found the ultimate premium design: the Paper Vase Cover. This product became a hit overnight. Made and shipped relatively easily and requiring just two skills: folding and stitching. Plus it was aesthetically beautiful and useful.

Lasting change

The communities that Tiny Miracles work with, now have a solid income and can provide for food and shelter, but also things like healthcare and education. In addition, great progress has been made in the area of awareness of equality of men and women. When you buy a paper Vase at Up To Do Good you support Tiny Miracles to make the world a bit better!

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