The Earthquake In Turkey & Syria

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Help! An earthquake with a deadly 7.8 magnitude struck eastern Turkey and northern Syria on Monday, February 6. The quake, which had been the first major earthquake to impact the area in about 200 years, took the lives of more than 36.000 people across Turkey and Syria.

To make matters worse, the freezing temperatures in the region have complicated rescue efforts and made it difficult for the more than 68,000 people injured to receive and respond to medical treatment. 

The earthquake took place during the early hours of the morning, when it happened, most people were asleep in their homes. Furthermore, the initial quake was followed by a series of aftershocks, one of which was nearly as strong as the main one.

To put this into perspective: The highest, more severe ranking that an earthquake can have on Richter Scale is an 8, and this quake was a 7.8.

Because it's been so long since this region has experienced an earthquake so severe, Turkey's emergency services have struggled to respond to the hundreds of thousands of people in immediate need.

Beyond imagination and to make everything even worse, Syria still is embroiled in a long, brutal civil war and the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (along with the Russian government's decision to veto border opening borders in north western Syria to enable foreign aid) has made it difficult, if not impossible, for humanitarian efforts to reach Syrians in need. We cannot wrap our heads around so much tragedy.

Giro 555 raised already almost 25 million and will use these kind donations for food, clean water, and medicine; shelter and temporary housing for people who have lost their homes; psycho-social and mental health support to survivors; economic relief efforts and long-term recovery efforts.

So much more is needed.

Turkey and Syria not only need immediate assistance but will require continued help in the coming period ahead as they’re facing overwhelming devastation on basically all levels, from medical needs to rebuilding homes and infrastructure.

Your help often is needed long after a disaster.

So for people who want to donate now but are not able to or want to set up recurring donations, there will be a need for help in the future. Please support the people, in the coming months we will support Giro555 and War Child.

Thank you.


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